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Legalisation service for TEFL qualifications

The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is widely regarded as the common language of business. As a result there is an abundance of employment opportunities to teach English as a Foreign Language overseas. Teaching English to students in another country is a great way to discover new cultures, gain valuable work experience and get paid at the same time.

Prospective employers will have specific document requirements and these documents will typically need to be legalised. The primary document requirement is a teaching English qualification, otherwise known as a TEFL or TESOL certificate. 
Our service will ensure your qualification is correctly legalised to satisfy the requirements for teaching in a particular country.

The simple way to legalise your TEFL Certificate

Just 3 simple steps to follow!

  • 1Print and complete the order form.
    (If you need any assistance with this please contact us for help)


  • 2Post or email the document to us with the completed order form.


  • 3Your certificate will be checked, certified by our solicitor and the apostille will be issued in just 1 to 2 days. If embassy legalisation is required this will be completed in an average of 7 working days depending on the embassy in question.


Different countries have different legalisation requirements. If the document is to be used in a country that is part of the apostille convention then this will only require solicitor certification and the apostille. If the document is being used in a country that is not part of this convention, e.g. China, Vietnam or Thailand, embassy legalisation will also be required. We can also assist with this in most cases.

We offer different services depending on which country the document is to be used in.

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Full China Legalisation


per document
  • Post or email document
  • Solicitor fees included
  • Admin & FCO fees included
  • Embassy fees included
  • 7-10 day service

Full Vietnam Legalisation


per document
  • Post or email document
  • Solicitor fees included
  • Admin & FCO fees included
  • Embassy fees included
  • 6-7 day service



Can all TEFL Certificates be Legalised?

As of the 8th September 2017 the UK government have amended the rules regarding legalisation of documents relating to language qualifications. Any language training document presented for issue with an apostille must be:

  1. Issued by a UK based provider
  2. Can only state that the document has been issued to confirm a ‘training course’ has been attended. For example ‘150 hours training course in teaching English as a foreign language’ or ‘150 hours TEFL course’.

This type of document cannot use any term that might imply the certificate is a recognised qualification issued by a UK government recognised body. For example the words Diploma, Masters, Degree or similar are not permitted unless the awarding body and qualification are recognised by the UK government.

Many TEFL certificates reference various accreditation schemes or bodies. These documents must still be UK issued and only state details of the training course attended.

These rules apply to TEFL type certificates and documents issued before this latest guidance was issued.


Additional Document Requirements

In addition to the TEFL qualification, overseas authorities may also request further documents are legalised. For example, many prospective employers will also ask for a police check to be legalised and also a degree certificate and/or relevant teaching qualification where applicable.

If you have also been asked to legalise further documents please contact us for a quote. We may be able to reduce the fees when processing multiple documents.