Coronavirus (COVID-19) - FCO Stop Issuing Apostilles

The FCO sent an update on the Legalisation Office apostille service. Due to limited staffing levels they can no longer provide apostilles for the general public or business customers (like us). They can only assist people with immediate and urgent travel needs with exceptional circumstances. DO NOT contact the FCO with requests for non-urgent documents.

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Coronavirus - Impact on Delivery Times

As of January the 23rd the authorities in Wuhan, China have imposed a city-wide quarantine due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. As a result, there are expected to be transport restrictions for both imports and exports in Wuhan, the surrounding regions and potentially China as a whole.

This will likely impact return delivery time scales for both our DHL and international airmail services for items being sent to China. The extent of this remains to be seen. Please bear this in mind when sending your documents to us and also when asking for your order to be returned to China.

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