Solicitor Certification of Your Documents

Providing a complete apostille service includes the certification of documents by one of our solicitors. We offer a total legalisation service to save you both time and money. UK documents signed by our solicitor are guaranteed to be issued with a UK apostille.

Why do documents need solicitor certification?

When a document is legalised with the apostille it must have the stamp of a recognised body or the signature of a public official or solicitor. Without the correct certification a document cannot be legalised.

Many documents have the required signature or stamp and do not need further certification. For example birth certificates, marriage certificates, court documents and HMRC letters normally do not need to be signed by a solicitor.

Other documents do need checking and certifying by a solicitor. Common examples are company documents, personal papers and academic or qualification certificates. These are not typically signed by a recognised public official.


solicitor certification

What is solicitor certification?

In simple terms a solicitor will check a document and then add a statement why they are certifying the document and then add their signature.

The type of certification added to a document will depend on what the document is and why it is being certified. In many circumstances a document may simply be certified as a copy, or as an original. If you are having your signature witnessed then the solicitor will add ‘signed in my presence’ or ‘witnessed by’ to confirm they saw the document being signed.

Certification on documents needs to be done correctly. It is important that documents contain the correct statement, are signed in a solicitor’s name and not the firm’s and that it is clear what date the document was signed.


Benefits of using our service

  • We save you time – Do you really want to spend time researching solicitors, making appointments and travelling to and from the solicitors office?
  • We save you money – Not only do we save you travel costs but our solicitor certification costs just a few pounds. Do not spend £40, £50 or even more just to get a solicitor to sign your document.
  • Quick service – If we are certifying your documents this is included in our normal processing time. You do not lose any hours or days organising your own certification.
  • Recognised Solicitors – The team of solicitors we work with are known to the FCO. This avoids delays processing your order.
  • Complete Service – Let us handle your documents while you get on with everything else. We check, certify, legalise and attest your documents.

Order your apostille.

Simply complete the order form available online here. Post your documents that require solicitor certification to our address with your document and we will start processing your order straight away.

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In practice nearly all documents can be certified by a solicitor. However, not all documents should be as it serves no purpose when legalising documents. We will let you know if your document needs to be signed by our solicitor and will never charge you for services you do not need.


Why Choose Our Services

Using our solicitor certification service means that documents are quickly checked and correctly certified by one of our solicitors. This prevents delays with the legalisation as we ensure all documents are prepared by one our of team

Our dedicated legalisation team work with a wide range of documents every day. Your order will be handled by a trained member of the team who will prepare the documents as required.

If you need advice on getting your documents correctly certified please get in touch. We can offer you the best advice on contacting a solicitor or using our fully inclusive service.