Anyone travelling to Egypt for employment, to settle personal matters or to conduct business will probably be asked to get their documents attested by the Egyptian consulate. It is essential that documents are processed correctly with the correct certificates and stamps before you present them in Egypt.

We provide a complete Egyptian document legalisation service. Saving you time and money our professional service ensures your documents will be accepted in Egypt.

For academic documents (e.g. degree, masters, school documents, reports etc) Please visit this page .

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egypt embassy attestation service

What is included in our service?

  • Checking documents prior to processing
  • Solicitor certification when necessary
  • Apostille certificate
  • Embassy stamps and fees
  • All administration charges and expenses
  • All other disbursements and VAT. No hidden charges
  • FAST processing in approximately 6-8 working days



Egypt Personal Attestation Service

Embassy Only


per document
  • Document
  • Must
  • Already
  • Have
  • Apostille

Including Solicitor Certification


per document
  • DBS Background Checks
  • Deed Polls, Passports/li>
  • P60s, Tax Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Driving Licences



Attesting Employment Letters

If you have a letter confirming employment in the UK we can assist with the Egyptian Embassy attestation.

The embassy have very specific rules on how these are checked, certified as genuine, and legalised. All employment letters must be verified as genuine with the issuing employer. Specific statements need to be added to the document.

OPTION 1 - We check your document for you.

Complete service. We can check your documents with your employer, add the solicitor certification and legalise them with the Egyptian Consulate in London.

OPTION 2 - You get your solicitor to check the document.

If your solicitor has checked the document is genuine (added the correct statements), we can process the apostille and embassy attestation for you.

Egypt Commercial Attestation Service

Embassy Only


per document
  • Documents
  • Must
  • Already
  • Have
  • Apostille

Including Solicitor Certification


per document
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Minutes, Resolutions, Reports, Accounts
  • Appointments, Contracts, Agreements


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What happens to your document?

Egyptian document attestation involves several steps. It is important that all documents are checked for suitability and to avoid delays. When necessary we will arrange for a solicitor to certify the documents. The next step is to legalise the document with the apostille. This is a certificate that is attached to the back of the document. The final step is to get the document attested with the embassy who will apply the required stamps.

We offer a one stop solution for customers. All you have to do is send your document to our office with our order form and we will do the rest.

Price Match

The apostille service are committed to providing value for money and saving our customers time and trouble. We include all charges in our prices and will confirm charges when you order. Should you find a comparable service offering the same fully inclusive service with quick processing times at a lower price we will be happy to investigate this and see how we can help you. We are never knowingly beaten on price and service so please order your document attestation with peace of mind.