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Apostille service for your qualifications

Proving you have a UK degree or other academic qualification to an overseas company can be difficult. There are thousands of colleges, universities and schools in the UK and even more organisations providing professional qualifications. The apostille service can help you get your document legalised for use outside of the UK.

The simple way to order an apostille for your degree

Just 3 simple steps to follow!

  • 1Order online and send the document to us with the order number we issue.
    (If you need any assistance with this please contact us for help)


  • 2Post your original certificate to us with the completed order number. Let us know if you want the original document certified or if you would prefer we make a certified photocopy.


  • 3Your certificate will be checked, certified by our solicitor and the apostille will be issued in just 2 to 3 days.


We offer different services for legalising degree certificates. We can copy your original documents and legalise the copies. Alternatively the original document can have the apostille attached to the back of the certificate.

If you have more than one document or want to include your transcript we can bind documents into sets to save you money.

You can also arrange for your document to be signed by your solicitor first. However, you may find this time consuming and expensive with some notaries charging £80-£100.

ORDER ONLINE - We offer different solutions when legalising qualifications

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Choose the apostille service with solicitor certification and order online which you can do here. We will begin processing your documents on receipt!

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Send Copy Document


per document
  • Email a copy of your document
  • Complete Consent Form
  • We will verify qualification
  • Solicitor certification
  • Admin & FCO charges
  • 10 Day Service

Pre Certified Document


per document
  • Visit your own solicitor
  • Get your document certified
  • Post solicitor signed document to us
  • FCO Fees included
  • No extra fees
  • 2-3 day service


You can order with a printed paper form if you prefer!


1 Option 1. Send your original document

Send your original certificate or other proof of qualification to us with the completed order form. We can arrange for your document to be checked, copied if required, certified by one of our solicitors and issued with the apostille in just 1-2 days. This is our most popular option as it saves time and money. Please let us know if you want the apostille attached to your original document or to a certified photocopy.

Order now for just £66 and send your document to us with the order form.

2 Option 2. Send us a copy of your degree or masters

If you do not have the original degree certificate to hand and only need a copy to be certified we can conduct background checks on your document. Before proceeding with the solicitor certification and apostille of your copy document we need to contact the university to confirm the qualification. This incurs additional fees and will delay the order by a few days as we verify the document. You can find more information on our verify degree with apostille verify degree with apostille page. Please note we cannot check all qualifications.

Order now for just £100 per document and email your document to us with a completed Consent Form allowing us to verify your documents.

3 Option 3. Send us a certified document

You may prefer to visit your own notary public or solicitor to get your document certified. Once you have your document correctly certified please send this to our office with the completed order form.

Order now for just £54 and send your solicitor signed document to us with the order form.

4 Option 4. Bound set of documents

Binding your certificate and transcript together (or other certificates) is an ideal way of legalising documents together. Once you have checked a bound set of documents will be accepted in the country asking for the documents we can legally bind your documents under one apostille. This can save you money.

Order a bound set of documents for £90. Send your originals to us with the order form.



Embassy attestation for your qualifications

Further embassy attestation of your degree may be required if you plan to use your document in a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention. For more information on prices please visit our dedicated embassy section of the site

To order send your original document to us with the completed order form.

Processing times and prices vary for each embassy. For the latest information please contact us for assistance.