Legalising Documents for the Exportation of Goods

Trading internationally will increase the sales potential of any company and, with this in mind, it is easy to see why many companies will aim to sell their goods globally. The document requirements and regulations for the exportation of goods vary widely from country to country. It is essential to check what paperwork will satisfy the requirements of the local authorities in the country any goods are to be exported to.

What Documents Are Required?

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Confirming the Structure of a Company

UK companies conducting business internationally, setting up overseas branches or opening a bank account in another country will often need to provide evidence of the structure of the UK registered company.

Various documents can be used for this purpose and these documents will usually require legalisation before they are presented overseas.

Certificate of Good Standing

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How Are Documents Verified?

In order for any document to be legalised with the UK apostille the document must be signed by a person of a recognised legal standing or stamped by a recognised legal authority. The legal signatory will verify the document before adding their signature or seal. There are several means available to verify a given document.

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