Verification of Documents with The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau

The following information is from The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau. It explains how to get your document certified before we can issue the apostille.


The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau have to verify the document with the issuing organisation before any embassy attestation can take place.


Please ensure that you have provided your name, your full address, a contact telephone number and any relevant reference numbers in your email. If you have not provided this information, please send your email again in full with your details included.

The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau remains exceptionally busy and we are receiving more emails than we ever have before. We always do our best to assist everyone as quickly as possible but we are not, nor can we pretend to be, an emergency service. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 4 weeks.

In order to help with your case, we may need to make enquiries on your behalf including verification checks with educational institutes. The information included in your email may be used in our enquiries to ensure that we can present your case as accurately as possible to the Educational Attaché.

Legalisation of Academic Documents’ Process

Communication Email Address:

In order to authenticate/stamp your academic document/s, the bureau needs to carry out a verification process prior to stamping the documents; You are kindly requested to provide the following (all compiled in one email):

  • Fill the Consent Letter and Hand Sign it (Please download link provided at the bottom of this notification. Kindly note all fields are mandatory and MUST be filled by the Student or Guardian).
  • Provide a scan of the document/s you wish to authenticate (Photographic or WhatsApp images of documents will be rejected)
  • Provide a working email address for the contact person / department in your affiliation (i.e. university, school, etc) responsible for providing confirmation on the authenticity of your submitted documents; As this will facilitate receiving the needed confirmation for our verification process.
  • Process the legalisation payment, - 50 GBP per stamp. (Transcripts are considered as one document); Payments should be sent via bank transfer on the bureau’s bank account stating your name in the reference section, details below:

National Bank of Egypt UK Ltd

Account Name: Egyptian Educational Bureau

Account Number: 20030301

Sort Code: 40 – 51 – 11

IBAN: GB74NBEG40511120030301

Swift Code: NBEGGB2L

Following the transaction, you need to email the bureau with the payment proof, name of the account holder who did the transaction and date of the transaction so we can track the payment and link it to your request.

Upon receipt of your affiliation’s confirmation regarding the authenticity of your document/s and the legalisation payment, you will receive an email from the bureau stating that your documents are ready for stamping and you are requested to select from the below options:

  • Arrange an appointment in the bureau to attend and submit your document/s, Appointment’s date & time must be confirmed prior to attending.
  • Or you can use our postal service within the UK: Send the hardcopy of your document/s to the bureau’s address along with a prepaid envelope for the document to be sent back to you with your name and your full postal address clearly written on the envelope.
  • Or arrange with your University to post your documents to the bureau, then you will be notified to arrange with a courier service to pick up the documents from the bureau; This option eliminates the need for staying in the UK till you finalise the legalisation process.


Legalisation Duration: It usually takes between 7 – 10 working days to receive your affiliation’s (university, school, etc) confirmation depending on how responsive the affiliation is; Accordingly,

Please don’t send repetitive emails before 10 working days of your request’s.


To download the University Consent Letter please click the link -

To download the University HEDD Consent Letter please click the link -

To download the Primary / Secondary School Consent Letter please click the link -


Legalisation Department

The Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau | Egyptian Embassy

4 Chesterfields Gardens , London, W1J 5BG

t: +44(0) 2074 9177 20



Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9:30am - 4:30pm / Fridays 9:30am - 11:30am then from 2:30pm - 4:30pm / Closed Saturday and Sunday

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