UAE Attestation for UK Documents

Legalising documents for the UAE can be time consuming and costly if you do not process the documents correctly. Our UAE attestation service ensures your important documents are successfully legalised in just a few days.

The continued growth within the UAE means that many people are now looking for job opportunities in Dubai and the surrounding cities. Many UK businesses are looking to develop new markets in the UAE or to open UAE branches. This has led to a significant increase in the number of documents being attested in the UK before they will be accepted in the UAE. 

Working in the UAE

When applying for a job in the UAE you will be asked to get your qualifications certified and legalised. This is required for the visa application and the employer sponsoring you will provide advice on which document needs to be attested. You may also need to get a criminal record check attested but this will depend on the job you are applying for.

If you intend to travel to the UAE with a spouse or family members you may also need to get marriage certificates or birth certificates legalised so that they can obtain the correct visa.

Conducting business in the UAE

If your UK business is planning on registering a branch in the UAE, opening a bank account or wants to issue distributor agreements or contracts then you will need to get documents attested. The UAE government will expect all paperwork to be fully certified and legalised by the embassy before it will be accepted.

We provide a fast service legalising documents for the UAE in just a few days. There are hundreds of different documents we process including the following common examples.

Personal documents that do not need solicitor certification

This includes birth, marriage, death certificates, certificate of no impediment, court documents, HMRC certificates of residency, ACPO or Police letters, Notary Public documents and any other document already signed by a practicing solicitor.

Personal documents with our solicitor certification

This includes all academic certificates and qualifications. Degrees, masters, PHDs, A Levels, O Levels, GCSE, teaching qualifications, PGCE, QTS, school letters, transcripts, school reports, professional qualifications, training certificates, and any other recognised certificate from a UK institution. We can attest all genuine UK certificates for the UAE.

We can also certify basic and enhanced disclosures, other CRBs and Disclosure Scotland background checks.

Business and Commercial Documents

This includes any company related documents, certificate of incorporations, certificate of good standing, memorandum of association, articles of association, contracts, agreements, company reports, minutes or resolutions and any other business related document. If your document relates to the purchase of shares in a business or registering a company in the UAE then these will also be classed as business documents.

If you want a first class document attestation service look no further. Visit our website pages for more advice or contact one of the team who will be happy to explain how our service works and discuss fees. 

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