Translating a Birth Certificate


Translating a Birth Certificate

We provide professional translations for a huge range of documents. Birth certificates are processed every day and provide an excellent example of the high quality work we provide to all of our translation customers.

Why Translate a Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates are often presented to organisations or government offices in foreign countries. You may need to prove your identity, confirm your country of birth or be applying for a passport or residency in another country. The format and presentation of birth certificates varies so you may be asked to provide a translation of a birth certificate to the relevant authority. This makes it easier for the document to be understood without misinterpretation.

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Formating your translation!

When translating a legal or public document it important that the document is processed correctly. Birth Certificates can follow several formats. In the UK the main content of the document is placed within a table. When translating a birth certificate it is beneficial to maintain the format and layout so the document can be easily understood. Every effort is made to keep translations in a similar format to the original document.


What to expect with your translation?

  • Accuracy – The translation should represent the original document so that it can be clearly understood.
  • Professional Layout – Care should be taken to present translations in a similar format to the original document.
  • Speed of Service – Most translations are completed on the same day or ordering or within 1 to 2 days.
  • Sensible Pricing – We aim to keep our fees at market leading prices.
  • Human Translation – We do not use any software to translate your document. All documents are individually processed by one of our translators.
  • Native Speaking Translator – If your document is to be translated for Spain we will only use a translator that speaks Spanish as their first language.
  • Certified Translation – Every translation is certified by one of the team before it is dispatched to the customer.

Order your translation.

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Long or Short Version?

When a birth is registered in the UK there are two certificates created and issued to the parents. Depending on your circumstances either may translated but we normally recommend you translate the long version as it confirms the parent’s details.

The Short Version

This certificate simply confirms the name of the child, the place of birth and the date the child was born.

The Long Version

The second certificate issued when a birth is registered is more detailed. Referred to as the ‘long version’ birth certificate the document typically confirms the following information-

Details of The Child

Date of Birth

Place of Birth (Town or Region)

First Name(s) and Surname of Child

Details of the Father

First Name(s) and Surname

Place of Birth (Town or Region)


Details of the Mother

First Name(s) and Surname

Maiden Name (if applicable)

Place of Birth (Town or Region)


Usual Address (if different from the place of the child’s birth)

The Informant - Details of the person registering the birth

First Name(s) and Surname (required if not one of the parents)

Qualification (this normally states Mother or Father but is required if the person registering the birth is not a parent)

Usual Address (if different from the one previously given)

Name of the person making the certification (normally a parent)

Date the birth is registered (not the date of the birth)

Name and Signature of Registrar (Public Official at Register Office)


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