Residency Documents Need Apostilles

With the free movement of people across the EU there has been an increase in people moving to other countries to seek employment. If you currently work outside your home country then you may be asked to provide a certificate of residence or prove that you pay tax in the UK. These documents are often needed to avoid paying tax in your home country as well as the UK.

Many individuals working overseas will pay local taxes on income earned. If you are currently working in the UK you may be contacted by your home country to pay additional tax on your income. To avoid paying taxes in two countries you may be asked to provide documents confirming you are resident in another country or pay tax there.

If you are not sure which documents need the apostille we recommend you seek guidance from the authority requesting your documents. Common documents we regularly process to prove residency include-

  • HMRC Certificates of Residence or Confirmation of Residency
  • P60 tax document
  • Payslips
  • Letters confirming employment
  • Council tax letters confirming you are resident

If you are specifically proving you pay tax on your UK income it is likely that you will need to process and official HMRC document, typically the confirmation of residence and/or a P60. This should be sufficient to confirm you are paying tax in the UK.

Once you have confirmed which document you need to legalise we can provide the apostille service in just 1-2 days. To order your apostille simply send your documents with the completed order for you can obtain from our website.

Over recent years we have seen an increase in these types of documents being legalised. More people are now crossing borders to find new jobs, gain more experience in their field of expertise or to work with overseas branches of their existing employers.

If you would like to discuss certificates of residency or tax documents with one of our legalisation team do not hesitate to contact us. 

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