Embassy Attestation Service for UK Documents

We are pleased to provide a wide range of document legalisation services for our clients. Working with government offices, solicitors, consulates, high commissions and embassies we process thousands of documents every year.

Customers taking documents to countries that are not fully signed up to the Hague Convention find that their documents need to be legalised or attested with the consulate or embassy in London. With years of experience legalising documents with embassies we know how to submit documents on your behalf.

Attesting documents requires an understanding of the procedures involved for each country and knowledge of how to present documents to ensure they will be accepted. You cannot simply send documents to the embassy. There are many different problems to be encountered if you have never legalised documents before. 

Do you know the embassies requirements!

We take care of the entire process and know exactly how each embassy operates.

  • Do your documents need to be solicitor certified?
  • Do you need to obtain an apostille first?
  • How many copies of documents will be required?
  • What other document must be submitted with the application?
  • Which documents are not accepted?
  • Can I group my documents together into one set to save money?
  • How do you make payment?
  • How much do you pay as fees can vary depending on the type of document?
  • How long does the service take?
  • Do you need to contact the Chamber of Commerce?
  • When is the embassy open?

It is our experience attesting thousands of documents that ensures we successfully process your order without delay. We speak to customers every week that have experienced problems with their documents and need our assistance.

If you want a guaranteed attestation service then contact us for advice on how to order. We aim to make the legalisation of documents as simple as possible.

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