Do You Need a Document Translation Service?

Presenting your document overseas in a country in which English is not the predominant language will often necessitate the translation of your documents. It is always advisable to check if the authority requesting the Apostille also require a translation to ensure they can better understand the content of your UK document.

If you do require a translation; our service will ensure your documents are accurately translated and formatted to match the original source. We can also certify this to the level you require, whether this be simply solicitor certified or attested via the relevant embassy.

What we offer

Over 140 languages: Our service ensures your document can be translated into an array of languages as well as ensuring the correct dialect is used. We appreciate, for example, that traditional Spanish can differ from Spanish spoken with Latin America and we will ensure that the document is suitable for your needs.

Fast service: Most standard translations are completed in less than 24 hours subject to the complexity of the document. We will be happy to provide you with an approximate timescale for your documents before you place an order.

Legalisation: An overseas authority may request that your translations are also legalised. We can ensure the translation is solicitor certified, legalised with the Apostille and attested by an embassy if required.

Flexibility: Not all documents are alike and not all orders are straightforward. If you have a foreign document that requires translation we will be happy to help. Certain authorities may also request the translation be presented in a particular format and we will strive to meet your requirements.

We aim to provide an efficient translation service at competitive pricing and most standard translations are completed in less than 24 hours. Using our service is the easiest way to get your documents legalised with the apostille and translated at the same time. Simply email an electronic copy of your document to us for a fast quote and let us take it from there.

About the Author

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