Attesting Degree Certificates for Use in Qatar

If you have been offered employment in Qatar then you will need to get your academic certificates or professional qualifications attested at the Qatar embassy in London. Attesting a degree for Qatar now requires additional documentation.

From June 2016 the Qatar embassy in London implemented new document requirements for anyone legalising a university degree. Degree certificates cannot be legalised on their own. The Embassy now requests that applications for attestation must include the following THREE documents –

  1. Certificate or Diploma (Degree, Masters, PHD)
  2. Transcript
  3. A cover letter from the education provider (university of college) confirming ALL of the following points –
  • The qualification and certificates authenticity
  • The mode and type of study (e.g. full-time, part-time, distance learning, e-learning, face to face)
  • The place of study and place where the examinations were held
  • The awarded title of the certificate issued (Degree BSc or BA, Masters MA, or Doctorate PhD)
  • The duration of the course studied
  • The actual dates of study start date and end date)

In December 2016 the Qatar embassy implemented further rules for processing educational certificates. They request that if for any reason the 3 requested items cannot be obtained, they will require a letter from the education provider confirming the reason for this. Even in the event of a change of name or structure of a University, the Qatar embassy have stressed that they still require a letter confirming why the institute cannot issue one of the required documents.

The Qatar embassy have confirmed that they will not legalise any education documents that do not meet the requirements. Therefore if you are unable to obtain one of the compulsory documents from your academic institute, you will need to contact them to obtain the relevant letter confirming the reasoning for this. Otherwise you will be unable to have your certificates attested for use in Qatar.

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