Apostille for NHS Employment Letters

According to a recent parliamentary publication, 5.6% of NHS staff are EU nationals; a total of approximately 63,000 people. We regularly hear from clients who need to legalise their NHS employment document with the apostille. This is often required to prevent double taxation in the UK and in the home country of the employee in question; particularly Spain and Greece.


What is the Apostille?

The apostille is a form of legalisation that ensures a document from one country is legally recognised in another country that is also part of the apostille convention. In this case, the employment document will be verified by a solicitor and then presented to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office who will authenticate this certification via the issuance of the apostille certificate.

Once the document has been legalised with the apostille, this can be presented in the home country of an individual as proof of their employment, and by extension their residence for tax purposes in the UK.

The legalised document may also be used as evidence of an individual’s employment history when seeking similar work in another EU country.

How can we Help?

We can arrange for NHS employment documents to be both solicitor certified and issued with the apostille for a fee of £66.00 in as little as 1-2 working days. We recommend sending the original ink signed documents to us but we can accept emailed copies also.

In addition to this, we can also translate the document where necessary. We need to see the document in order to provide an accurate translation quote and you can simply email a clear scan or photo of the document to us for this.

If you would like assistance with legalising your NHS employment document with the apostille please contact us today.

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