Apostille for Criminal Record Checks

We have seen an increase in the number of criminal record checks legalised over recent years. The document can be required for many different reasons. Some of the common reasons our clients require legalisation for criminal record checks is for relocating overseas or applying for jobs in foreign countries. Future employers or government offices request the criminal record check as part of the verification process.

The documents can be issued by a number of different organisations in many different formats. Some of the common certificates we process are:

·         DBS documents

·         Disclosure Scotland

·         Basic or Enhanced Disclosures

·         Access Northern Ireland

·         NPCC - ACPO – ACRO - NIS Certificates

·         Police Letters

·         Subject Access Reports

These are not the only organisations that can issue criminal record checks. If you have a document not listed above please contact us to discuss if we can legalise it for you.

Some certificates are signed by the officer that has completed the background check and issued your document, whereas others are not signed and certified by the issuing officer. Depending on the document you have been provided with you may require solicitor certification before the apostille can be issued to your background check. Using our service ensures your document is processed correctly to prevent any delays.  

Some countries or select organisations may have specific requirements when requesting criminal record checks. This can vary from the document being issued by a specific organisation or that the document has been issued within a certain time frame. One common example of this is the overseas authorities requesting the document has been issued within three months of it being presented to them. The reason for this is a person’s criminal record can change over time so they require an accurate document showing the current status.

We are not able to obtain the criminal record check on your behalf but we can arrange for the apostille to be issued. This process is typically completed within 2 working days including solicitor certification if required. Depending on the country your document will be presented in you may also require embassy attestation services. This will increase the fee and time frame.

If you require assistance with legalising your criminal record check or wish to discuss the legislation process please contact us.  

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