Apostille for Companies House Documents

Company Documents issued by Companies House are often issued with the apostille. There is a range of documents issued by the UK registrar of companies that we legalise on a regular basis.

Companies House documents are usually required when Companies are looking to set up international branches, conduct business in another country or open company bank accounts overseas.

Starting the legalisation of Companies House documents is simple. You can provide us with downloaded documents, scan and email electronic copies for processing or post paper versions to our office. We can also assist in downloading or purchasing replacement documents for you.

The most common types of company documents we legalise with the apostille certificate are -

  • Incorporation Documents - Including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles, IN01)
  • Annual Return (AR01)
  • Appointment of a Director (AP01)
  • Change of a Director’s Details (CH01)
  • Termination of Appointment of a Director (TM01)
  • Company Accounts Company Change of Name Documents
  • Resolutions
  • Share Changes

When you are clear which documents need the apostille there are two options when processing your order.

If you require just one Companies House issued document to be legalised with an apostille then this would incur a single fee.

If the overseas authorities are requesting that you have multiple documents legalised then there are two options available, these are as follows-

  • Option 1 - Issue one apostille certificate to each document. This will incur a charge for each document.
  • Option 2 – Legalise documents as one set. We can process multiple documents relating to a single company as a bound set under one apostille certificate. One fee per set of documents will save you money.

Both methods are usually acceptable but if you are unsure please check with the authority requesting the apostilled documents from you.

It is essential that your company documents are legalised correctly. A professional service ensures your documents are checked, certified by a solicitor when required and issued with the apostille quickly. Documents can also be attested with embassies for a complete attestation service. For guidance and advice on obtaining an apostille for your documents do not hesitate to contact one of our legalisation office experts.

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