A selection of frequently asked questions relating to getting an apostille on your birth certificate.
Which Birth Certificate should I legalise?

When a child is born in the UK two birth certificates are issued. One of these birth certificates contain just the child's name, place of birth and date of birth. This is called the ‘short version’. The alternative version provides the same details as the short version but also includes the names of the parents. This is called the ‘long version’ of the birth certificate. The apostille can be attached to both versions but we recommend where possible you legalise the long version. This is typically required when presenting a UK birth certificate outside of the UK.

Where can I obtain a replacement birth certificate?

If you have misplaced or do not wish to send us your original Birth Certificate then you can purchase an official copy which would be sufficient for the apostille process. You can obtain an official copy from your local registry office where the birth was first recorded. Alternatively you can obtain a replacement document online from the GRO (General Registry Office). We have an account with the GRO and can obtain these replacements on your behalf if required. Please contact us for assistance ordering a replacement certificate.

How to get an apostille on a birth certificate?

Getting an apostille for a UK birth certificate is simple using our service. You simply need to post your document to our office with the order form available here - order form. Please send us the original certificate, do not send a photocopy, as we can only accept the original document or an official replacement document issued by the UK registry. The document will be checked and usually legalised with the apostille in just 1-2 days. If we experience a delay checking the signature on your document we will let you know.

Can we legalise a Northern Ireland birth certificate?

Yes. Providing an apostille for a Northern Ireland birth certificate is just the same as processing a certificate from England, Scotland or Wales. We complete the service in just a few days and return the document to you with an apostille attached to the back.

Can we legalise non UK birth certificates?

It is not possible to attach a UK apostille to an original birth, marriage or death certificate that has been issued outside of the UK. The only exception to this is if the certificate is actually a UK document but has been issued by an overseas British Embassy or Consulate.

The only way a UK apostille can be attached to a non-UK birth, marriage or death certificate is if we create a certified copy and issue the UK apostille to a true copy of the document. We are not allowed to put the UK apostille certificate on the original document.

If you do want us to arrange for the apostille to be attached to a copy of the document then you will need to check if this method of legalisation will be accepted by who ever you intend to present the document to. If you decide to go ahead then you will need to post the document to us for copying and certification. This will incur a further charge.

If you must have the apostille attached to the original document you will need to locate an apostille provider in the country of origin. Unfortunately even the Embassy for the country of origin can not issue apostilles. The apostille certificate can only be issued to the original document in the document’s home country. If the country of origin does not issue apostilles you will need to ask the person requesting the legalised document from you which alternative method of legalisation they will accept.

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