Get a Fast Apostille Service

Legalising documents quickly is what we do every day. We aim to complete all orders in the shortest time possible to ensure your documents are returned to you ready for use abroad.

Customers often contact us ‘at the last minute’ having just discovered they need to get their important documents legalised with the apostille for use in another country. Most documents we receive are issued with the apostille in approximately 24 hours. If your order arrives at our office before 11am and we do not experience any problems with the document we will try to dispatch the document the following day.

We know some document legalisation companies offer two week services and charge more for ‘expediting’ your order. Why? These companies should be processing your documents as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no reason to deliberately delay issuing the apostille. We attend the Foreign and Commonwealth Office every day to provide a fast apostille service. The only reason a legalisation service delays an order is because they are not approved by the FCO for business applications.

We are a recognised apostille service with the FCO in Milton Keynes for the fast processing of documents. Whether you have one document or fifty we aim to process most orders within just 1 to 2 days. Many documents are legalised in just 24 hours and are ready for dispatch to the customers.

If you are based outside of the UK then our service will take care of everything for you. Send your document to us by secure courier and we will begin processing the document as soon as it arrives.

Occasionally some documents do take a little longer to legalise. We would like to stress that this is not due to our service and is normally due to the certification on the document.

Why documents get delayed

  • The solicitor or notary public that signed the document may not have correctly processed the document. They must sign in their own name, add their name and address, include a statement why they are signing the document and add the date the document was signed.
  • If the person that signed the document is not known to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office then communication will be sent to the signatory to request they confirm their signature. This occasionally happens with government certificates, court documents and solicitor signed papers.
  • You have provided a photocopy of a document when only originals can be legalised.
  • You have not included payment, the payment amount is incorrect or your payment card is declined.
  • You have not provided contact details or a return delivery address.


We work hard to reduce delays where possible. Unfortunately some problems are beyond our control but we will advise you of any problems encountered. Approximately 1 to 2% of documents are delayed under normal circumstances due to the reasons stated above.

If your document is delayed do not panic. We hear from customers that have flights booked, weddings planned and job applications to complete. If necessary we can continue processing your documents and dispatch them by secure courier to you anywhere in the world.

We guarantee to issue an apostille on your document or provide a refund. What we cannot guarantee is that your document is correctly prepared or signed by a recognised official. 

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