Apostille Degree Certificate

Legalising a degree certificate for use in another country can be time consuming and expensive. Before your degree certificate, diploma, or other academic qualification, will be accepted you will most likely need to obtain an apostille.

Proving you have the relevant qualification for a job overseas is often a prerequisite before your employment will be confirmed. Your employer overseas will ask you to obtain an apostille on the document.

Using our legalisation service is probably the easiest way to get an apostille degree certificate. We complete the entire service for you. We conduct document checks were required and offer advice on how collating documents into sets if you have more than one page. The documents are then certified by our solicitor using either the original document or a certified copy depending on your instructions. When these steps have been completed the apostille can be issued.

Quickly processing documents ensures most degree certificates are legalised with the apostille in just a couple of days. Saving you time visiting solicitors and paying expensive fees our service is both efficient and low cost.

Securely hand processing documents gives you peace of mind that your documents will be safe. Only our trained advisors will handle your documents. We do not use third parties and one of the team hand delivers documents to the FCO.

We also assist customers with degree embassy attestation. Working with many of the embassies and consulates in London we provide a complete embassy legalisation service. Additional embassy attestation is only required for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention.

Only official UK qualifications from recognised UK universities or colleges can be legalised with the UK apostille. It is not possible to legalise degree certificates from non-UK universities or ‘online’ services that sell qualifications. If your qualifications are from a genuine overseas university then you need to have them processed in the country where they were issued.

For assistance in legalising your degree certificate or other university document do not hesitate to contact us.

apostille on degree certificate

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